Joseph O'Shea

Fixing 'incompatible device' error in xcode when creating a new simulator



I was trying to test an app on small screens. My plan was to use iPhone SE (1st generation) as one of the test devices.

When I tried to add it to xcode, I did the usual steps:

Screenshot of adding a new simulator in xcode

When I clicked "create" I got the vague "incompatible device" error.

Screenshot of the vague "incompatible device" error

The problem

This is because the the only iOS simulator platform verison I had installed was iOS 16. This is not compatible with iPhone SE 1st Generation.

Fixing it

First, I had to figure out which version of iOS is compatible with the the device I wanted to use (iPhone SE 1st Generation).

I did some searching and found these sources:

Installing the necessary version of iOS

Adding a new iOS platform version (step 1)

Adding a new iOS platform version (step 2)

Wait for the download to complete. It might take a while, since it is fairly large. Once the download completes, you can go create the simulator device as you normally would. Just be sure to select the appropriate option for the "OS Version" dropdown before pressing "Create".

This should resolve the issue of this vague "incompatible device" error and put you back on your way to testing your app.