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  1. 2024 Updated guide: Make it easy to ship TestFlight builds of your iOS app with fastlane
    Updated guide on using fastlane to automate the process of building, signing, and uploading your iOS app to TestFlight.
  2. Quickly open repo on GitHub from shell
    Often after running `git push`, you want to go to GitHub to open a PR. Why not have a shell command that does it for you?
  3. Fixing 'incompatible device' error in xcode when creating a new simulator
    When attempting to create a new simulator, xcode gives the vague error "incompatible device" - here is how to solve it
  4. Using xargs to move multiple files at once (on MacOS)
    Given a text file with a list of files to be moved (one per line) - how can we use xargs to move all those files to a new subdirectory with a single command?
  5. Easy filter, sort, and limit of JSON files with jq
    Often I am working with large JSON files and want to extract specific limited information from them. The jq tool makes it easy to get the data I want quickly.